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In the comments, you can ask a question about tracking your cargo or parcel from store with a track number.

There are no postal workers in the comments, ordinary and experienced users answer.

According to statistics, the export operation takes from one to two weeks, it happens that the process can take 2 months. When the shipment has the status of export, it is impossible to track the shipment, only by acquiring the status of imported, the shipment becomes active for tracking.

The letter "U" at the beginning of the international track number indicates that this is an unregistered item and therefore untracked in the recipient country.

UL 012345678 CA

Global Package Tracking

Using our website, you can trace the full way of a package purchased in an online store or marketplace.

Aliexpress tracking


Aliexpress - the most popular online store of goods from China. Parcels are most often sent via Yanwen, ePacket, and SF-Express, read on to find out how to track Aliexpress packages.

Iherb tracking


iHerb is a well-known online store of natural products, dietary supplements and vitamin preparations. Companies are responsible for the dispatch of goods DHL Global Mail, Swiss Post and other. More about iHerb tracking

Asos tracking


Track your order with by the sent order number or track number. We can easily track your parcel by tracking your order number. Most parcels are sent via WNDirect and TRAKPAK, for more information, see this section about ASOS tracking.

Ebay tracking


The eBay Global Shipping Program has appeared on the popular worldwide auction site, thanks to which the partner company Pitney Bowes. See complete eBay tracking information.

Shein tracking


SHEIN is an international B2C Internet marketplace. The site has a large assortment of women's clothing, but you can also find men's clothing, children's clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and other fashionable items. SHEIN mainly targets Europe, America, Australia and the Middle East, as well as other consumer markets. How to track your Shein order using the tracking number.

Wish tracking


Track Wish orders and parcels from the Chinese online marketplace for cheap goods directly from China.

Tracking of parcels on the track number

Questions arising when tracking parcels and answers to them.

  • A track code, also called a tracking number, or a tracking number, or a unique postal identifier, a personal dispatch number that allows you to identify a parcel in any courier service system. Using this track code, it becomes possible to track the location of the shipment and get additional information, such as the addressee, recipient, weight of the parcel, and others. It can contain only letters, numbers, or mixed letters, numbers, and other symbols.

  • To track the route of a parcel by number, you first need to find the track number or, in other words, the track code of the parcel given by the online store to your order. Then, as soon as the tracking number is detected, enter its value in the search field above, and our service will help you track the shipment and show the approximate delivery date.

  • After placing an order in an online store or on a trading platform such as Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay, your order receives a personal number. This code, given by the store, is needed to distinguish your order between orders of other users.

    The track number of the parcel is given by the transport or postal company and is needed so that the mail can distinguish the parcel from others that it also sends to recipients. Remember: it is only possible to find out the location of the parcel to which the order was sent from the online store by using the parcel code. But it is possible to find it by order code only in exceptional cases, for example, stores like ASOS or sent via eShopWorld.

  • Termination of tracking a parcel is possible in the following cases:

    • A track number has already been assigned, but the seller has not yet returned your order to the postal / courier service.
    • Tracking is provided only partially, most likely to the border of the country of departure.
    • Loss of the parcel by customs or at one of the sorting points along the route.

    When you stop tracking, the steps are the same here: write to the seller weekly before the end date of the order protection and demand an explanation. And when the deadline comes to an end, seek the return of funds.

  • Untraceable parcels are delivered in an inexpensive way and because of this they do not pass registration along the entire route. Usually such parcels are sent by China and Malaysia post. To find out when an untraceable parcel arrived at the post office, track it using our service. After that, expect a paper notification from the post office, so that you can pick up the parcel. There is also always an option to ask the postal workers to notify you by phone about the appearance of parcels addressed to you.

  • For standard shipments of the International Postal Union type AA987654320XX, the carrier is the state postal service of the country from where the shipment was made, where the code contains 2 letters and is always at the end: BY Belarus Post, DE German Post, US United States Post.

    Otherwise, it's not so easy to find a carrier, that's why our service has collected a lot of possible track numbers and checks 450+ delivery and logistics services around the globe. After tracking your parcel, the service will show in which delivery services and through which carriers it was sent.

  • To find a parcel by the track code, you need to find out the name of the courier or postal company delivering your parcel. Of course, you can go, if there is one, to the website of this company, search for either the track code input field or a section of the site.

    It is obvious that it takes a long time to visit the website of each company and is not too convenient. Each service has a different website from the other, besides, the parcel can pass through several companies at once. Therefore, you just need to enter the tracking number of your parcel at the top of this page and click the "Track" button.

  • The postal service issues a receipt that contains the number of the postal item. If the purchase is made in an online store, the code should appear on your order page.

    Do not forget that the order number is not equal to the tracking number: the first one is assigned by the store where the purchase was made immediately after the purchase of the goods, and the second only after the registration of the parcel in the courier or postal company. And then within a few days after payment, it is sent by the seller.

    If the number is not available both on the order page and at the post office, then write to the seller personally.

  • The delivery time depends on the destination country - the recipient country, but approximately you should focus on the following delivery times:

    • International parcels - 2-3 weeks
    • Small packages ~ 1 month
    • EMS shipments - 1-2 weeks
    • Express service - 3-7 days
  • At the same moment after the assignment of the track number, in the case of a delivery made by a non-express service, tracking of the parcel is not possible. This is especially familiar to online stores.

    The parcel is first registered in the transport/the postal company, it is packed and sent to the sorting point (approximately 2-7 days are spent on all preliminary stages). Only after sorting, its barcode is read, and it receives the tracking status.

    Верх того, что можно увидеть после присвоения трек-номера это сообщения вида: "Отправление зарегистрировано для отправки, Заказ создан, Информация о заказе получена компанией по доставке«.

Tracking postal items from China by tracking number

To track a parcel, one of the most popular requests on the Internet, we have created for you the most accurate and convenient service that will show the status of your shipment to France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands from Hong Kong, China, Germany, USA. You can read a more detailed guide on tracking parcels below.

China Post Registered Airmail Tracking

China Post

Tracking China Post Registered Airmail, our website will check the service China Post, SSC, Cainiao, Wish Post, as well as other delivery services to provide you with more detailed information about the location of your shipment.

With our China Post Registered Airmail tracking website, we will provide you with shipment information quickly and accurately.

Tracking SF-Express & SF eParcel packages


More than 90 percent of shipments do not have location tracking capabilities after they enter the country of destination. Then the shipment receives a new international code, but this information is known only to SF-Express. Further, information about the parcel becomes available only at the final stage of delivery, namely that your shipment has already been found in your local mail and with a message to receive the shipment. But, for SF eParcel shipments, it receives a unique international tracking number, which makes it quite easy to find out the location thanks to our service.

How to track your ePacket parcel


After paying for goods from world-famous online stores in China, such as Aliexpress, Grearbest, Joom, users are provided with information about the assigned tracking number, but many buyers are faced with a less understandable ePacket, which will deliver the goods. ePacket is one of the most affordable and efficient way to deliver goods from China. You can read more detailed information on our service.

China Post Small Packet Plus Tracking

China Post

China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus is tracked by checking many shipping services such as China Post, Cainiao, Yanwen, SFC, Wish Post and many more. To receive information about the location of your parcel, you just need to enter the track number of your shipment and we will quickly and reliably find all the information about your parcel.

YANWEN Tracking


One of the cheapest ways to deliver small parcels is Yanwen Economic Air Mail. On the Yanwen official website it is possible to track your parcel, thanks to the unique number assigned to your parcel, you have the opportunity to find out the exact location and status of your shipment, but the status of the shipment on the Yanwen website is tracked in most cases in Chinese and English. Yanwen Economic Air Mail allows you to track the shipment only before your parcel leaves the territory of China, or is already in your country. Tracking of goods from China is suspended when your package is delivered by a local delivery service and a new tracking number is assigned to the shipment ...

Malaysia POS Tracking

POS Malaysia

Tracking your shipment at Malaysia Post is possible only in Chinese, but we can provide you with information on tracking the POS Malaysia parcel in English. But if your parcel has an international track number (For example: RQ133868869MY) this means that your shipment is delivered together with your local delivery service. To find out the status of your shipment quickly and efficiently, use our service, and we will provide you with information directly from the websites of Malaysia Post and your local delivery service.

How to track a parcel from Aliexpress


The most popular online store in the world is Aliexpress, this store has a well-functioning tracking system for shipments, but there are times when it is impossible to track all information about the parcel, and the information is provided exclusively in Chinese or English. The delivery service Cainiao, is a logistics service owned by Aliexpress, which makes it possible to track goods from China. Learn more about how to track a parcel from Aliexpress

Track parcels of any courier and postal services

Track Shipments by Any Courier or Postal Service

A courier company is responsible for the delivery of packages, documents, and mail between two parties. Unlike state-operated post offices, courier delivery services are usually privately-owned companies that offer more competitive services such as door-to-door package delivery 7 days a week, with some even boasting 24/7 services. Most couriers will also offer same day or next day package delivery and international package delivery services at more attractive prices.