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FedEx package tracking

FedEx is an American express delivery company that provides transportation services around the world. It has its own transport fleet, including aircraft, the largest express operator in the world, provides postal and courier services in the United States and more than 200 countries around the world, delivering more than 3.5 million parcels and documents daily.

The company offers Fedex tracking and shipping to any corner of the planet. Works on the track-and-trace model - accounting and tracking of shipments.

The company employs almost 300,000 people, owns more than 2,000 vehicles, and owns its own FedEx Express airline with 660 planes, which is the largest cargo airline in the world.

However, this success of Fedex is not enough, so the company plans to continue on its way forward. Fedex has introduced many technological innovations. The firm provides Fedex tracking and intercontinental and international expedited shipping service. Outside the United States, Fedex is the largest hub. It is located in Paris.

Fedex track the parcel

FedEx has a sophisticated tracking system that uploads data about your package as it moves along the route. All you need is a 12-digit digital track number (in any combination) to track your parcel.

In fact, the tracking number is the number of the waybill, according to which the carriage is issued and which moves along with the transported cargo as an accompanying document.

If you want to track your Fedex shipment, please insert your Fedex tracking number into the search box on our website.

Also tracking Fedex can be used on the official website of the company. And to find out the details in case of any questions, you can call Fedex by phone 1 (800) 463-33-39. You will also find additional contacts for communication on the official website.

Receiving FedEx Shipments

An individual in Russia, upon delivery by courier service, can receive duty-free cargo worth up to 200 euros, excluding delivery costs. When receiving parcels more expensive than 200 euros, you will have to clear the parcel yourself at the Moscow customs or use the planned services of a customs broker if you cannot visit customs.

Delivery of the parcel is carried out to the address by a courier who is contacted in advance by phone If the courier could not contact you, the parcel can be stored in the warehouse for 5 days, after which it goes back to the sender or is destroyed.

History of the company

The company was founded in 1971 by Frederick Wallace Smith. The service entered the Fortune 1000 at the end of 2012, taking the 70th place. There are many fascinating stories surrounding the FedEx brand.

For example, at the very beginning, the company was going through difficult times. At the time when it was required to cover the fuel costs in the amount of $ 24,000, the company had only 5,000 in its account. Then Frederick Smith withdrew all the funds and went to Las Vegas to subsequently win $ 27,000 there in blackjack. Today 660 freighters help Fedex deliver and track.

Fedex tracking and shipping is an amazing business story altogether. For example, the company transported Vincent van Gogh's table, white pandas, white tiger, breeding horses and a hippo. However, these are not all the unusual packages from Fedex. The company also highly appreciates the environment and pays special attention to it.

FedEx - searching for packages and shipments.

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