SunYou - SyTrack

SunYou - SyTrack

Chinese logistics company


Package tracking

SunYou Post AM package tracking

On this service you can track the SunYou parcel or any shipment from China, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Hong Kong. Also track the parcel from AliExpress, Joom, Ebay, JD.COM and other popular online stores.

SyTrack parcel tracking statuses with translation

StatusTransfer / Description
Item Sent to BRAZIL 
Departed transit country 
Arrived in transit country 
Departed Hong Kong Airport 
Item Posted Over The Counter to Brazil 
Departed Sunyou Facility 
Dispatch PreAlert to Brazil 
Acceptance, Sent to BRAZIL 
Item Arrived at Russian Fed. 
Покинуло транзитную страну 
Прибыло в транзитную страну 
Вылетело из Аэропорта Гонконга 
Item Posted Over The Counter to Russian Fed. 
Покинуло склад SunYou 
Dispatch PreAlert to Russian Fed. 
Отправление принято для отправки в Россию 
Электронная регистрация отправления для отправки в Россию 
Change of delivery address 
Import Received HUB 
Consignment in Warehouse 
Import received at destination depot 
The consignment has been onforwarded for transportation to a destination 
Allocated to a unit / container or separately in truck 
Released from customs 
Consignment data transhipped 
Entered to warehouse 
Отправление принято для отправки на Украину 
Электронная регистрация отправления для отправки в Украину 
Item Posted Over The Counter to Russian Fed. 
Dispatch PreAlert to Russian Fed. 
Acceptance, Sent to UKRAINE 
Pre Alert to UKRAINE 

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SunYou - SyTrack tracking in english in US, Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, France, Spain, Italy, Poland and other country of America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

  • On average, the SunYou - SyTrack service export operation takes 7 to 14 days, but sometimes it can take up to 60 days. If your parcel is in the "Export" status, then you cannot track it (find out what exactly is happening to it), only at the stage of import into the recipient's country you can track your parcel from the postal sender.