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Aliexpress order and parcel tracking

On the aliexpress platform, the packaging of your purchases and subsequent transfer to the postal company are carried out as soon as the order is paid. You can choose the delivery company yourself when paying at the "payment Method" step. Free shipping Aliexpress is most often carried out using China Post Small Packet, Aliexpress Standard Shipping.

When a parcel is sent to the postal service, it receives a unique digital or alphanumeric dispatch code, or tracking number. To track an Aliexpress parcel, you need to find out the track code given to your parcel on aliexpress order page.

How to tracking from Aliexpress by order number?

Tracking parcel from aliexpress is only possible by the parcel dispatch number, when the order number is used only by the Aliexpress platform itself and does not take part in tracking. However, the seller notifies the delivery service when preparing the order, and it already assigns the tracking number to the parcel.

With this track code, you can easily find out the location of the order by simply entering the number in the field above and clicking the "Track package" button.

How to track a package with Aliexpress by tracking number?

You can track the location of the order from the trading platform by the track number, which will be displayed in the details of the order immediately after the status changes to Sent.

To track the package in the USA, Germany, and other countries, you just need to enter the track number in the corresponding field and confirm the action, after which information about the movement of your parcel will be available to you with Aliexpress

Keep in mind that Aliexpress order number and tracking number are different numbers. Aliexpress order numbers are similar to the following 569483717895060, 40782651925480, 46773207286731, while the tracking numbers look like this: YT72560621444006800, ZH218944520TK, RY505153973CN.

Tracking package from Aliexpress

Aliexpress items can be divided into traceable and, accordingly, untraceable. Products with a low price are usually sent as the second option, because the shipping cost often makes up a significant part of the cost of the product itself, and sellers are looking for a way to save much more.

Shipments that are not tracked usually take place inside China by local logistics companies and are then delivered by the China Post, which takes them by plane to the countries of destination. The parcel is well tracked in China, but when exported it ceases to be tracked.

But the tracked items are registered at each stage, and their movement can be observed from the post to the post office until the arrival at your office.

How to track an order from Aliexpress

To track Aliexpress order, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the official aliexpress website.
  2. Go to «My orders», find the desired order and click on more .
  3. You will see the order details. Select and copy the tracking number (track code or postal ID) and paste it in the field above. Confirm Track package.
  4. Now the service can track the location of the parcel and share information about the parcel itself: status and location.

How long to wait for your Aliexpress order, how long do orders from AliExpress take to ship?

Sometimes waiting for a parcel can get on your nerves, and then the question arises: when to wait for delivery and how long will the parcel go with Aliexpress? Thinking leads to a predictable desire to know the exact time of delivery and approximately calculate the waiting days.

How long to wait for your Aliexpress order

  • China Postis a company that provides 80% of all shipments from China. Due to the high load, waiting for a shipment may take a long time. The parcel arrives in 30 days in 70% of cases.
  • Hong Kong, Switzerland, Sweden and Singapore post (and similar) & this method is much faster and less loaded. If you live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, the approximate period is 15-20 days. Here, the arrival of a parcel in 30 days increases to 90% of cases.
  • Posti Finland - a parcel is delivered by Finnish Post only 2-3 weeks, rarely exceeding the term by more than 25 days. The maximum delivery time is 35 days.
  • ePacket - a fairly fast delivery method, the order arrives in two weeks, rarely in 21 days.
  • EMS - paid Express delivery. By choosing it, you can be sure that in less than two weeks, the order will be on your hands.
  • Eshun (Zes Express)the slowest delivery method, since the parcel is transported by land, takes more than a month to arrive.

When ordering something from China, expect a month of waiting from the time the seller sends the order. Of course, the parcel can arrive in two weeks, especially if you sent valuable and expensive goods, but cheaper, worth a few dollars, so soon you should not wait. For low-cost products, the maximum term is 45 days + / - 15 days.

The desire to get your thing can be fulfilled sooner by using the services of paid postal companies, then the time will be reduced by half. Of course, in case of cheapness of purchase or unwillingness to pay an additional third or half of the amount of the product price, you can arm yourself with patience and choose China Air Post. Keep in mind that the wait may last from three weeks to two months. It all depends on your preferences.

How to know when the package will arrive with Aliexpress?

To find out the approximate time of arrival of a parcel, you should first track the order's departure number on our service. We, in turn, use statistics based on deliveries of parcels to your city to calculate the approximate time and date of delivery, calculating the average time of passage of the Russian customs, how long the parcel goes after it passes to your city, so that often the result is close to reality.

Aliexpress Standard Shipping package tracking

What is the delivery method of Aliexpress Standard Shipping, which is often used to send orders? Until a certain time, all the sellers themselves dealt with sending the parcel, which led to various difficulties and delays.

But with the introduction of Aliexpress Standard Shipping, part of the issues related to delivery, Aliexpress took over. In order not to pass the parcel to the post office personally, the seller brings it to the logistics hub of Aliexpress.

Then the parcel is sorted and then delivered to Aliexpress by major transport and postal service providers, such as Swedish Post, Omniva-Estonia Post, Hong Kong Post, Finland Post, SPSR, DHL, and others. After sending the order, the service that delivers your order will be indicated in the order tracking details.

Air China Post Air Mail, Singapore Post, Swiss Post, China Post ordinary small packet plus, Posti Finland economy, Hong Hong Post.

Tracking Aliexpress Standard Shipping is possible on the cainiao logistics platform from Aliexpress which integrates the tracking services of many transport companies that sellers send orders to.

Tracking Seller’s Shipping Method

This method is chosen by the seller based on the weight, price of the product and the country where the order is delivered. Tracking is similar to other methods, but you will only need the track number and our service.

Parcel tracking from China Aliexpress

There is no way to track a parcel from China easier than using our service: we perform a thorough check of services, translate tracking statuses correctly into english, and calculate the delivery time in parallel.

How to track a parcel by order number Aliexpress

You can't do this by the order number. This number is only intended for internal tracking of orders on Aliexpress. For this operation, you need to find the "Tracking" button/link where the track number is specified.Cainiao from Aliexpress will help you track Aliexpress Saver Shipping.

Arrived in the destination country Aliexpress what does it mean?

This mark means that your order has already been delivered to your country and is currently undergoing customs procedures and numerous checks for the presence of prohibited substances and items, so that you can then go to the mailing list in the country.

Arrived at the distribution center at the place of delivery - what does this mean?

This status indicates the parcel as one that is already in the sorting office and will soon appear in your post office. Keep track of its status Arrived at the place of delivery or Waiting for the recipient".

The distribution center is not the end of your parcel's path, so it is not yet available for receiving. In simple terms, all parcels delivered to your city are first sent to one special postal center, from where they are then delivered to the branches, depending on the value of the index.

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