China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus (Почта Китая)

China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus (Почта Китая)

Economical shipping method by China Post

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Package tracking

Tracking China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus parcels

China Post Small Packet Plus is a cost-effective shipping method operated by Chinese government post. It is often used by Chinese marketplaces that send international parcels. It is used to send cheap and small goods with free shipping. The service is widely used in Chinese marketplaces that send orders abroad.

Small packets delivered by this method include a code that consists of 11 digits (77100182054), or a track - U..CN format code - UG070806336CN

China Post Small Packet tracking

The final status of a parcel in China is usually similar to:

  • Planned transportation by air, flight number OZ350 - OZ793, departure time 14:50
  • 计划交航空公司运输, 计划航班号OZ350 - OZ793, 计划起飞时 间14: 50

The official website of China Post is but it should be borne in mind that it only works in Chinese.

China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus tracking

Unfortunately, the tracking of such parcels ends when crossing the borders of the PRC after being checked at the local customs and the subsequent movement of the parcel to air transport. Since this method is economical, check-in at the sorting centers is not carried out along the entire route.

To receive a parcel from China Post Ordinari Small Package, you need to wait for a paper notification from your post office, or, when specifying a phone number, wait for a call from the post office. But tracking numbers in this case are not involved in any way.

China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus how long does the parcel take

On average, the delivery date is 20 - 60 days, but in some cases the shipment time is extended from 15 to 90 days.

Most of the parcels sent with China Post Small Packet Plus are delivered to the recipient. Otherwise, when the goods do not reach you, you should write to the seller and sort it out, opening a dispute for the return of your money.

Often, small parcels are sent directly to you, and if the product is large, then you need to get it from your post office.

The advantages of China Post Small Packet Plus are low shipping prices to the CIS countries, to Europe, around the world, as well as a short delivery time.

China Post

China Post was founded in 1949, joined the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1914. China Post is a national postal operator that accepts, delivers and issues both domestic and international mail. In large cities like Beijing, Shanghai Guangzhou is home to the largest centers for sorting parcels from other countries.

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