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Tracking packages from iHerb

All orders sent to the recipient by the iHerb online store can be tracked. Most often they are delivered by such transport companies and postal services: DHL Express, Sweden Post, DHL Global Mail, UPS and USPS.

The information required to track a parcel from iHerb appears after it has been sent from a warehouse in the USA - on the second day after the order has been paid. When the parcel is handed over for transportation, it is assigned a code (digital or alphanumeric), which can be seen on the website after the iHerb order has moved to the “Sent” status. Further, by this number, you can follow the parcel already on the website of the postal service that delivers.

Parcels shipped by post are usually delivered in conjunction with the Swedish national postal service. Then the numbers have the following format: RE ********* SE or CD ********* SE, where the asterisks are numbers. If the weight of the parcel is up to 1800 g, then it is designated with the RE code (small package). If the shipment weighs from 1801 to 2720 g, then it will have a CD code (regular package).

How to track a parcel from iHerb?

To get information about the movement of the parcel, indicate in the search form, which is located above, the tracking code and click on the "Track parcel" button. You can also find out the shipment data by clicking on the tracking link, but this is inconvenient, since you need to go to the Ayherb website every time through a browser or smartphone program and find your order.

Regardless of the shipping method you choose when you confirm your order, we will track the iHerb package at the moment. But just remember that an order number and a tracking number are not the same thing. Order numbers are needed inside the iherb website to identify them, and tracking numbers are assigned by the postal service to track the movement of the parcel from the warehouse to the recipient's door or post office.

Steps to track your order with iherb

  • On the iHerb website you need to find the order you need and use the Order Information button.
  • A page will open, which will contain detailed information about the order, including the tracking track code. You will need to copy and paste it into the form above.
  • Our service will track the movement of the parcel and provide information about its status and location.

How to track a parcel with iHerb DHL?

When a shipment is transported by DHL, it will be assigned a ten-digit tracking number, such as 9470876042 or type code JD14550201510621828. It will enable you to track your DHL parcel from the warehouse to your home, as it is a courier service.

All that is needed is to enter the tracking number of the parcel in the form provided above, and you will see where the parcel is now and when it will be delivered.

What is iHerb?

iHerb is a world famous and popular online store in the USA that sells dietary supplements, vitamins, natural cosmetics for children and adults, sports nutrition, weight loss products, organic household chemicals and other natural products. It opened back in 1996. The store's products are shipped to 150 countries. In Japan and China, iHerb products occupy a leading position in the online market in this category of goods, and in the supplying country - the second place.

IHerb provides convenient delivery methods and the ability to pay for the order in usd. The goods of the Ayherb online store are of high quality, and the warehouses regularly undergo a thorough inspection of storage conditions, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificates. When purchasing a complex of vitamins or an expensive anti-wrinkle cream, you can be sure that from the USA you will receive original products, and not a fake.

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