Aliexpress Standard Shipping

Aliexpress Standard Shipping

Subsidiary logistics company Alibaba Group


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Aliexpress Standard Shipping tracking

Aliexpress Standard Shipping is a logistics company belonging to the Alibaba Group. This method applies to any order directly from AliExpress, as well as from similar sites such as the Alibaba Group. Moreover, it does not provide for the company as a courier service, but is just an intermediary, which takes on some logistical problems and control of shipments.

Aliexpress Standard Shipping works in conjunction with many state and local carriers around the world: DeutschePost, Royal Mail, Poste Italiane and the like. In this delivery method, there is often a need for a surcharge in the case of the cheapness of the purchase itself, although an increase in reliability is associated with this minus: the parcel can be tracked and also received in a short time. The standard delivery date is 15-45 days, but this time can be reduced to 7-15 days due to premium shipment.

Our service will allow you to easily, accurately and conveniently track parcels sent by Aliexpress Standard Shipping.

Aliexpress Standard Shipping where the parcel will arrive

During the ordering process, you indicate the index of your post office, this is where the parcel with the goods will arrive.

And to find out the arrival time and location of your parcel now, you can use the tracking of the parcel right on this page.

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