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Track a CDEK parcel by tracking number

Almost every one of us has at least once come across the delivery of parcels and valuable letters by transport companies. The leader in this industry is CDEK Logistics Solutions. This delivery service is engaged in the transportation of goods, parcels, goods and letters throughout Russia and the world. It offers express delivery and air freight. It is considered one of the main companies providing courier delivery from well-known online stores in China to the territory of Russia and the CIS.

There are more than 20 thousand cities and 220 countries of the world, where CDEK delivers urgent and ordinary cargo, correspondence. It operates through 420 of its own offices and 400 partner offices, gradually the network develops, new points of delivery are added. The company's transport fleet includes more than 5,000 vehicles, which are used to deliver parcels and cargo to addressees.

It is interesting that the main office of the company is located not in Moscow, but in Novosibirsk. While its largest sorting center is located in the Moscow region - in the city of Dzerzhinsky.

CDEK check track number

CDEK started working with China in 2014, when the company opened its first office in Beijing. This has made it a logistics partner for many transport organizations. CDEK began delivering parcels to Russia and the CIS. You can tell which company is delivering under a partnership agreement by the track number:

  • If it is similar to ZESZE2029392490YQ, then delivery from China is carried out by one of the companies: CourierService Express, Eshun ZES Express.
  • If it looks like JNTCU0100392029YQ, then the partner is the Chinese J-NET.
  • There are also simple ten-digit numbers starting with 196. If you come across such an option, then you need to track the shipment in China using CDECLS.
  • The most popular options are similar to AS000000000CN. In this case, the package is sent via CDEK or China EMS.

Recently, an increasing number of Chinese trading platforms choose CDEK as their main delivery service. The reason is the high speed of parcel transportation to Russia and the wide coverage of cities. This shipping option is increasingly common on AliExpress, and GearBest has been using it as the main store for many years.

CDEK tracking a parcel by track number

If a parcel from abroad is delivered by CDEK, then there is a more popular way of checking - by track number. It is used when delivery to the border was carried out by one transport company, and then the shipment was transferred to CDEK.

For example, if the parcel was initially sent by the Chinese company JNET, and then transferred to CDEK, the following happens: the invoice number is initially set in the form of JNTCU ... YQ, after crossing the border it changes to the internal all-Russian one - it consists of 7-10 digits.

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