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Package tracking

Tracking J-NET packages

J-NET is a parcel and cargo delivery service operating from China to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan. It was created to serve e-commerce - the delivery of goods purchased on Chinese sites.

J-NET provides the following services: overseas warehouse storage, economical shipping, postal delivery, land transportation, air transportation. The international company J-NET not only provides services in Russia, but also delivers to the door in all countries of the world.

J-NET tracking

Tracking J-NET does not pose any difficulty, since these are registered items that are marked at every transit point and at every stage of processing.

Enter your tracking number in the search box above to find out where your package is. Any J-NET number will do, be it a 10-digit digital track code, or an invoice number in the form of JNTCU0200030495YQ.

J-NET - searching for packages and shipments.

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