Frequently asked questions about tracking parcels

Frequently asked questions about tracking parcels

Package tracking

Why the package may not be tracked?

You just received a shipment alert but can't track it? Don't worry, it is often necessary to wait several days before the order can be tracked. Alternatively, try looking at the status updates throughout the day, since different carriers take different times to add information to the database. For example, some may need only a couple of hours, others - about a day.

Also, misunderstandings can arise if the order number assigned by the store was entered, and not the tracking number. This number must be either on the page of this order, or it must be sent in a letter that notifies about the shipment. If the shipment is still not tracked, double-check that the number is spelled correctly: often users confuse the number "0" and the letter "O". When you enter the tracking code, you need to use exclusively Latin characters (exception: parcels from GlavDostavka and PEC companies, in which numbers written in Cyrillic are allowed).

You can also easily make a mistake in the number of identical repeating letters and numbers (for example, the track code has consecutive 00000). Write one more or less characters - and the system will no longer recognize the shipment and, therefore, will not be able to track it. Are you completely sure of the shipment number because you copied it directly from the order page or in the notification? Most likely, they copied not only the symbols of the track number, but also extra prefixes / punctuation marks / hyphens. You need to delete them and continue the search.

Why has my package tracking stopped updating?

Most likely, the shipment was no longer tracked due to two reasons: first, there was a delay in delivering the parcel to its destination (delays at customs, technical difficulties), and second, the system did not immediately register the passage of the parcel through one of the many posts. If the parcel did not arrive at all, please contact the seller to resolve this problem by opening a dispute.