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Package tracking

Russian Post Tracking - Russian Post parcel tracking

In the case of sending items within the borders of the country, the parcel is given a code consisting of fourteen digits, and if the parcel is sent internationally, this code consists of 13 characters (numbers and Latin letters), for example, RA372840547RU.

In both cases, the number is suitable according to the S10 standard of the Universal Postal Union, and it is possible for both the addressee and the addressee of the parcel to track such items.

Russian Post tracking of postal items

Tracking of the Russian Post is provided both on the territory of the Russian Federation and on the territory of other countries, as well as express delivery by EMS. In the first case, the track code consists of 14 digits, where the initial 6 is the index of the department from which the shipment was made. In the second case - international - the track code has the format АА123456789RU, where АА is the type of shipment.

How to track a parcel in Russia?

On the territory of Russia, tracking a parcel is as easy as shelling pears: first you need to find out the tracking number of your shipment. Tracking the order is possible only with a code consisting of 14 characters for domestic, and consisting of 13 for international ones.

Our service will find your parcel using both the website of the Russian Post itself and the websites of foreign services. To do this, enter the track code in the form above.

Russian Post tracking parcels by postal ID number

Special combinations of numbers and letters that help the postal service to accurately identify the parcel are called postal identifiers. The types of such codes may not be counted, but we are only interested in two types that are supported by the Russian Post: one for domestic, the second for international mail.

Universal Postal Union identifiers have, as previously mentioned, 13 characters and look like AA123456789RU. AA - Latin letters, which denote the encoding of the type of shipment. Then there are 9 digits, where the last of the nine is the checksum. At the end there are two more Latin letters that code the country from which the shipment was made (RU, CH, DL).

Domestic identifiers are numbered with 14 digits, where the leading 6 is the post office code from which the parcels or letters were sent.

How to find a parcel by tracking number of Russian Post

Tracking a parcel is not at all difficult, knowing the value of the postal identifier or track code. Parcel numbers that are sent within the country contain 14 digits, starting with the sender's index, and are similar to 12345600000000.

International sent and received parcels are tracked by the number accepted by the Universal Postal Union - XX000000000YY. XX - designation of the type of shipment. Something that is registered or not registered, trackable or not, a letter of declared value, a registered bag, a simple package. Then there are 8 digits, a special track number, and a 9 check digit, which is calculated by the formula. The two letters at the end are the country code.

Tracking ZA..LV, ZA..HK, ZJ..HK packages, shipments and deliveries

Simplified Registered Mail is a type of mailing developed by Aliexpress together with Russian Post to make shipping cheap orders from Aliexpress less expensive. Such parcels are assigned a number according to the type ZA123456789LV, ZA123456789HK.

Track number of the type ZJ000000000HK is a type of shipment developed by Joom Logistics together with Russian Post also for less costly delivery with Joom.

Parcels of this type have only three statuses:

  • Accepted at the post office
  • Came to the place of delivery
  • Received by the addressee

They cannot be tracked along the entire route, but everything you need to know is available to you: you can find out that the goods have already been sent by parcel, that they have been delivered to the post office, and the parcel with the goods will be found and handed over by the departure number.

Parcels arrive in the Russian Federation using Latvian Post (ZA..LV) and Hong Kong Post (ZA..HK), but initially the goods are located in China, therefore, it takes time to transport the goods to the post office of Latvia or Hong Kong.

The Cainiao service from Aliexpress allows you to view intermediate delivery statuses to the territory of Latvia and Hong Kong.

Decoding track number ZA - Simplified Registered Mail.

Russian Post Tracking

Tracking of Russian Post from China, EMS, Pandao is the same as for other items that are registered. It is only necessary to type the value of the track code of 13 characters in the field in order to start checking it for all possible delivery and courier services, as well as the Russian Post.

But do not forget that it is possible to track a parcel on the territory of the Russian Federation only for those items that are registered. For example, track codes like UC..HK or UA..HK are not tracked in any way in Russia.

Statuses of the Russian Post courier

To make it easier to understand the location of the parcel and the approximate timing of its delivery, let's consider all the statuses assigned to the parcel while it is traveling to you.

Russian Post - searching for packages and shipments.

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