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Tracking of PEK cargo by invoice number

PEK (First Forwarding Company) is a company engaged in express delivery of goods, parcels and shipments by couriers in the countries of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. She also provides delivery for orders from online stores.

"PEK" branches operate in more than 120 settlements, and the registration and transportation of parcels and goods to the address takes place at a distance of about 300 km from any branch. In total, the territory covered by the "PEK" courier service with its services is the whole of Russia and additionally Crimea.

The First Forwarding Company transports various parcels and cargoes weighing up to 20 tons. Auto transport operates on the territory of Moscow, completely in the Russian Federation and covers Kazakhstan.

Track PEC cargo

You can track the PEK cargo or parcel using the invoice code on the official website of the PEK itself, or using a special service for tracking parcels. Thanks to the service, data about the cargo itself will become available to you.

You can use the order code or invoice to track the status and location of the parcel in Moscow and the Russian Federation.

If you want to find out detailed data about your parcel, cargo, you should enter in the form above the full order / invoice code, which contains exclusively Russian signs (for example, OLBPIGI-1/0909), and then click on "Track Cargo".

Each branch of any settlement is connected to each other in one network, that is, users will be able to find out the data they are interested in about the location and status of the parcel absolutely anywhere in the country.

If you have any questions about the First Forwarding Company, as well as about your parcel, you can directly call their hotline, the number of which is indicated on their official website.

Check the status of the PEC cargo according to the waybill

Using our service greatly speeds up and simplifies the process of checking the status of the cargo, because on the official website users are often confused trying to understand what's what. Additionally, we take into account and correct common errors that users make in non-standard PEC track codes.

How to track cargo in PEK by invoice number

The best choice if you want to track your cargo will be our service: the official website and the mobile application simply do not have additional functions, such as correcting common errors in the PEC track codes that users make, as well as displaying interesting and complete data about the cargo.

To track your cargo, you just need to enter the PEC track code at the top of this page!

How to track cargo in PEK by code

All PEC cargoes are assigned a unique and recognizable departure code, which may be similar to KRPTBTM-1/1509, MK (NR) ChDAB-11/0405, KN (KP) RBFAA - * / 1108. The ability of our mail tracker to recognize such codes and associate them with PEC eliminates the need to name the delivery company - the service immediately starts tracking the PEC cargo.

How to track PEC cargo by last name

PEC does not provide for cargo tracking using the name of the addressee or addressee, but it does not matter: you can always do it using the code of your consignment note!

How to track cargo in PEK on the map

So far, PEC cargo tracking works exactly up to the name of the settlement, therefore, using any of the online maps, like Google Maps, you can independently find out the approximate distance of your cargo to its destination.

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