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Package tracking

TK Energia cargo tracking by waybill number

TK Energia is a transport company of international status. Indicates services for the delivery of goods both within Russia and abroad. The list of possible delivery points abroad includes the countries of the Customs Union and the European Union. In addition, transportation to Donetsk and Lugansk regions, as well as to China is possible. Delivery can be carried out directly to points of self-pickup, and if there is an address and desire of the recipient to the door inclusive.

The history of TK Energia began in 2005. According to general estimates, the company's fleet consists of at least 350 units of trucks (for 2017). This list includes various trucks, among which there are models that perform tasks for loading and unloading goods. Over time, TC "Energia" continued to develop, which affected the increase in territorial coverage. By 2017, they served at least 35 thousand settlements, having 305 own representative offices of the company. According to the data for this year, the structure of TC "Energia" consists of 2,150 people.

Tracking TC "Energy" by invoice number

To track the delivery of TK Energia, the number specified in the invoice is used. It is always issued in addition to the parcel or cargo. Therefore, in order to find out all the relevant information about your delivery, it is enough to indicate the number from the invoice in the search field, and then click the "Track cargo" button.

The ability to constantly track the cargo is provided through the site. All you need is the already mentioned invoice number, which is enough to get all the necessary information on your delivery at a given time. For example, you can find out its location, as well as dimensions and weight. Also, the service can track the movement of goods, including the amount of cost for the client who made the delivery order.

Tracking "Energy" parcels by invoice number

Each bill of lading has its own number and is created for only one cargo. It is on it that your delivery is tracked all the way from the sender to the recipient. You can get all the necessary information on it by using the special website of TK Energia, which provides the opportunity to enter the invoice number. You can also use third-party services that can also help track the customer's delivery, arranged through this company.

How to track the cargo of the carrier "Energy"

To find out information about the weight, dimensions and other characteristics of your delivery cargo, you can enter the invoice number in a special field. After that, you will receive up-to-date information about the cargo.

Track the package of the company "Energy"

The status of the stage of cargo transportation is recognized using the invoice number (for example 4562-1873423). After that, click on the "Track cargo" button. All information on your delivery will be presented on this service and will be updated in a timely manner.

Find cargo by the number of TC "Energia"

The official website of TC "Energia" provides you with data reflecting the latest information about cargo or parcels. In particular, on other services it is possible to track the cargo and the entire history of delivery transportation, as well as the prices for a specific delivery for the company's customers (recipient-sender). All you need to do is enter the bill of lading number in the appropriate field on the website.

TC "Energia" cargo tracking by phone number

On the service of TK Energia, it is possible to enter the invoice number, which is created for each delivery. This is enough to receive timely information on cargo transportation. It is not possible to track delivery by the phone number itself.

TC "Energia" cargo tracking by the name of the recipient

Service TC "Energia" does not provide an opportunity to receive information about the delivery by the name of the sender or recipient. This information is confidential, so it is much better to use an individual invoice number.

Cargo delivery

When the cargo arrives at the nearest self-pickup point or is there soon, the company's employees will offer you the opportunity to deliver the cargo to the door at the exact address. In this case, the operators will definitely contact you to make sure that the address is correct and specify the most convenient delivery time for the client. Prices for delivery to the door "are determined individually based on the average market cost of such services. When all the necessary conditions have been agreed upon, a representative of TK Energia will go directly to the address where the documents are signed. A passport or power of attorney must be available if the recipient cannot accept delivery at this time. After that, the cargo is transferred to the recipient without any obstacles. If the client is not satisfied with receiving the goods on the day of delivery to the nearest warehouse, then he can stay there for no more than three days for free, after which payment starts to be charged daily.

Questions about shipping cargo

If the cargo or parcel arrives at the warehouse, how will the recipient know about it?

If the sender left the phone number to the person to whom the parcel is to arrive, then the employees of TK Energia will contact him and notify him of the arrival of the delivery. The cargo arrived at the warehouse will be stored for three days free of charge, but the client will have to pay extra for the additional time.

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