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Package tracking

Belarusian Post packages tracking

Belarusian Post is a state-owned postal company that ensures the speed of delivery, its reliability and availability. In 1995, a real technical progress happened in the Belarusian Post, which opened the most important period of its existence. Now RUE "Belpochta" has more than 4000 branches throughout the country, 11,800 districts for easy tracking of parcels and their delivery. For the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the post office, many transport routes have been built, along which approximately 1,300 vehicles move.

Great attention is paid to the delivery and tracking of postal items in agricultural towns. Today, these areas are introducing high-speed payment methods. Free Internet access allows you to pay for services with bank cards. In general, 380 terminals for payments and information are installed in the country. Belpochta has activated systems for tracking parcels in an automatic mode, which operate both within the country and abroad. They provide reliable information about the location of the package at the moment.

Due to the constant and continuous control of Belpochta of tracking and deliveries, the quality is maintained at a high level. For this, measures are being taken to expand the list of possible services, develop logistics activities across the corporation, introduce improved methods of service for both private and corporate clients.

Tracking packages from China to Belarus

Chinese online stores and trading platforms, including Aliexpress, Banggood, BuyinCoins and the like, are increasingly being replenished with buyers from Belarus. Naturally, as soon as the order is paid, it becomes necessary to find out its location and ways to track Chinese parcels on the way to Belarus.

To perform this necessary operation, refer to a special mail tracker - TrackPosylka. We will help you track the parcel from China to Belarus, showing its exact location. Tracking postal shipments from China to Belarus works accurately, stably, translating everything into Russian and checking the status of the shipment at the customs of Belarus.

Tracking in Belpochta is no different from similar in other countries. The process is the same: first you need to enter the track code in the input field, and then we find the location of your parcel using many additional sites of transport services, as well as the Belpochta site. Tracking will not cause inconvenience if you have a parcel number with which you can find it.

Track package Belpochta

Tracking Belpochta on the official website provides for both those parcels that are delivered to the country and those that are sent abroad. The site has the necessary data to allow the user to find out the route of the shipment within the Republic of Belarus. Also, our service will easily help you find a parcel outside Belarus, and roughly indicate the time of its arrival. With Belpochta parcel tracking, you can track the shipment with incredible ease, since the service notifies the user even about the passage of customs, including possible duties that will follow to pay.

Track the parcel at the customs of Belarus

Tracking a parcel at customs is possible using its official website.

However, it will be more comfortable to use our service, because the search for a parcel with its help includes not only checking the website of the customs of Belarus, but also the websites of BelPost itself together with the website of the delivery service of the sending country, such as, for example, China Post.

To clarify information about the addressee of the parcel is allowed by the service for tracking international postal items when the specified data is not complete (for example, the name or address was erased during shipment due to a violation of the integrity of the package, there is only a surname, no name; the customs declaration has not been completed, or it was not filled in completely).

In this case, when importing a parcel to the Republic of Belarus, the service with which you track it will indicate to you the status "For transfer to customs, you need to clarify the data" and then you will be advised to clarify the information in a special form. Customs needs full data to record the receipt of goods delivered to the IGOs, because the duty-free threshold for receiving IGOs for one addressee is 22 euros. But if the customs find it exceeded, you will need to pay the duty.

It is also not necessary that the parcel will arrive exactly at the department whose index you indicated: it is possible to send it to a more convenient place that is closer to the recipient. This can be done using one of the IGO redirection services offered by the BelPochta service.

Tracking parcels in the Republic of Belarus

Immediately after crossing the border with Belarus, it is possible to track the parcel within Belarus itself. To begin with, the parcel is sent to the international exchange point Minsk Pi-2, where it is processed for customs, and then the parcel is transported across the territory of Belarus.

You can track the parcel using both the official website and third-party resources, such as our specialized service, which will help track the parcel in China and the Republic of Belarus, and also approximately determine the date of arrival.

Tracking BelPost's parcels usually occurs without unnecessary problems, but if they appear or you need to find out information, call the toll number +375 17 226 01 73. You will be helped to clarify all your questions about the tracking system, codes, indexes.

How long does a parcel take in Belarus

According to the official data of BelPoshta, the delivery time of items on the territory of the Republic of Belarus between regional centers is the day of departure + 2 days, excluding weekends and holidays. Parcels are sent to other points in Belarus - day of departure + 3 days, also excluding weekends and holidays.

The Belarusian Post is going to carry out delivery on time in 95% of all items.

If you want to know how long it will take for a parcel to arrive from the capital to Grodno or to another locality, use tracking the parcel using our service. We will indicate to you the approximate date of arrival of the parcel in the specified locality, based on statistical data on delivery times for the last month.

Receiving a parcel at the Post Office Belarus

EMS shipments arrive at the addressee's address and are delivered personally. However, if the recipient is not at home, he receives a notification that the package is in place. According to it, the recipient will be able to take his parcel without any problems at the specified post office.

Small and registered cargoes are received at post offices.

However, if you need to pay a customs duty before receiving it, it does not matter if it is an EMS item or not, you will in any case have to go to the delivery service and pick up your parcel already there, naturally paying the required amount of duty.

Statuses / Events of BelPost mail

When you track the IGO on the official website of the Belarusian Post, the following statuses of your shipment are available to you:

«Прием отправления у отправителя»

— this status indicates that the parcel at that moment was only accepted by the sender's delivery service.

«Завершение таможенного контроля»

— this status indicates that the parcel has passed customs control.

«Отправка отправления»

— this status indicates that the parcel is on its way from the international postal company to the recipient country.

«Получение отправления в учреждении обмена»

- this status indicates that the parcel has already arrived in the Republic of Belarus and is now at the place of international postal exchange in Minsk.

«Прохождение по таможенной зоне»

- this status indicates that the parcel is now on the list of parcels that have yet to go through customs control.

«Для передачи в таможню необходимо уточнить данные»

- this status indicates that the specified data is not complete (for example, the name or address was erased during shipment due to a violation of the integrity of the package, there is only a surname, no name; the customs declaration was not completed, or it was not completed completely). Further, you will be recommended to clarify the information in a special form. Customs needs full data to record the receipt of goods delivered to the IGOs, because the duty-free threshold for receiving IGOs for one addressee is 22 euros.

«Введенные данные сохранены»

- this status indicates that all the data that was entered in the special form has been preserved.

«Отправка отправления в местное учреждение»

and the status "Transferred from Minsk (200400) POPP to ... .. (******)" - these statuses indicate that the parcel has passed all the necessary checks and processing, and is already being delivered from the international post office to your local department ...

«Поступило в участок обработки почты…. (ХХХХХХ)»

- this status indicates that the parcel has been delivered to the post office.

«Отправление подготовлено к вручению/попытка доставки»

— This status means that, after the delivery of your cargo, the postman received a notification of its arrival and can bring the cargo to the specified address. This happens on the same day or the next day if the cargo arrived outside the postman's working hours. In the event that this status has appeared for the parcel, this indicates that the parcel has been sent to the addressee's address for handing over, or a notification has been sent that it has arrived at the department at his address.


— this status indicates that the parcel has already been handed over to the recipient.

The cost of storing a parcel at Belpochta

As of March 3, 2018, the International Registered Parcel Conservation Fee was introduced. All data is located on the official website of Belpochta, including a link to the administration of the Post of Belarus.

Payment is made if the parcel, letters with the specified value, a parcel post, "M" bags and expedited international shipments are stored in the mail for more than a week. Price - 36 kopecks / day of storage.

About Belpochta

RUE "Belpochta" is a state postal operator of Belarus, a member of the Universal Postal Union since 1947, and is a member of the World EMS Cooperative.

Track numbers of outgoing international registered postal items of Belpochta have the following format: RA-RZ ... BY (small packages up to 2 kg), CA-CZ ... BY (parcels 2-20 kg), EA-EZ ... BY (EMS -departure)

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