Global Package Tracking

Track packages from China, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Germany, Aliexpress, Joom, Banggood, GearBest, ASOS, eBay, Amazon

Tracking any parcels and shipments

After purchasing the product in the online store you want to find out where the parcel is currently located? In order not to search for a parcel on different sites of postal companies, this site was created. To track a parcel, you only need the tracking number of the parcel.

What is a tracking number?

Track number or tracking code this is a special code that belongs to each parcel, it can be used to track the location of the parcel between the countries of the sender and the recipient. The tracking number can be international or can be tracked within the sender's country.

The international track number is similar to RA012345678CN, the first two letters are the type of shipment, and the last two are the country code of the sender of the parcel. Such parcels are tracked directly to your Post office.

Also, parcels are delivered by transport, courier and logistics companies, and the codes of these parcels have a variety of numbers: CTAFT0000123477YQ, UPAB000000123482107, AEL10105012344UA, SGADN123497855. Such packages are not always tracked in the recipient's country.